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The Mona Lisa Speaks.

The first studio album, written and recorded by Leigh Davies.

The Mona Lisa Speaks is a collection of compositions and my first album as an independent music producer. This album is my first attempt at blending traditional music composition and live instrumentation with the use of acousmatic found-sound.

Each track was written and arranged based on a simplistic visual pencil sketch, with the sounds and instruments representing certain elements of these sketches. Performing on various instruments, found objects, and raw materials, the individual layers for the tracks were recorded across various devices and brought together to create the final mix of each composition. Each of these tracks were then 'glued' and mastered on a stereo reel-to-reel tape machine. On completion, and as inspired by the graphic score sketches used to initiate each of the tracks, the album artwork was titled in coloured braille, to represent my first foray into cross-sensory explorations as a music composer.

The album was released in 2010 and is available on all major music platforms.

Full Res Album Cover Vector - The Mona L
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