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An award-winning device that transforms musical melodies into oil-on-water artworks.

Rayne is a device that uses music to create evolving, flowing artworks that are painted onto the surface of water. It is able to identify each individual note that makes up a melody as it is being performed in real-time and uses this information to electronically control a series of oil-dispensing 'pinch' solenoids, which release a single droplet of a specific coloured oil each time a certain note is detected. Each droplet is dispensed onto the surface of a tank of water, which is then photographed and filmed from below, which results in evolving oil-on-water artworks that serve as a representation of the melodies that brought them to life.

The concept for Rayne was the winner of a national award from Phones4u in 2010, and I received a £4950 grant for the project in order to begin development in early 2011.

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