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Haptics for Storytelling

...and we're back in the room! After a few weeks of skeleton-shaking, bone-jellifying haptic exploration, I'm finally ready to share with you some of my discoveries around how haptics can enhance the design and delivery of creative digital storytelling. Of all of the discoveries I had made throughout my residency at Open Source, the thing that has excited me the most is the impact that separating haptics FROM audio can have on our approach to designing and configuring digital storytelling experiences. It was this revelation that led me to establish the following matrix of modal combinations that storytellers can turn to when combining visuals, audio, and haptics:

...but I'll allow the video to run the full explanations here though!

Just like the last video - this is a fairly comprehensive vlog, so do feel free to jump through the chapters highlighted in the video play bar to find the tasty morsels you might be looking for!

...and as mentioned at the end of this vlog, it's safe to say my explorations on this front are very much only just beginning. Soon I will be looking to develop a Max for Live Haptics tool to help fully enable some of the workflows and methodologies I've established through this digital residency.

So keep your eyes peeled for updates on this front! Or if you'd like our digital machines to keep you updated - then please do consider subscribing to my new Youtube channel and slam that there notification button to find out when the next update is posted to my channel!


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