Hello! My name's Leigh Davies, an award-winning Systems-Creative based in the UK - an all-round whipper-upper of creative goodies who delivers stories and designs experiences.

So, where has this defining title come from?

Well, during the formative years of my career I identified as many different things: music producer, illustrator, designer, technologist, animator...

However as I have continually maintained a rich and diverse creative practice over the last 10 years, and as I moved between the borders of many traditionally defined creative disciplines I have come to realise that it simply made no sense to predominantly define my practice by what I do. As a result, I have become less concerned with the dots, and instead much more concerned with the lines that connect those dots.

I define myself by the dishes I cook, not what's stocked on my spice rack; I define myself by the system of my creativity, not the disciplines in my tool belt.

Therefore, the reason
 I create has become the most persisting and prevalent aspect of my professional identity in recent years, which is... deliver stories, and design experiences.

It doesn't matter if I'm composing a soundtrack, designing a user interface, illustrating characters, building structures, or assembling interactive devices - all of these acts of creativity are happening because of one of those two things.

This purpose is something that has steered me and my work in the most exciting, interesting, and meaningful directions throughout the duration of my professional history to date. Over the last 10 years, I have worked as a music composer for video games, a developer of digital tools, a graphic designer, an installation artist, a motion graphics producer, and an educator for all ages - all of which has given rise to the opportunities that have enabled me to work with a wide variety of organisations such as Tate, London Symphony Orchestra, National Museum Wales, Shakespeare's Globe, Something More Near, Wellcome Collection, Chester Zoo, The Roundhouse Theatre, amongst many others.

My multidisciplinary skillset is also grounded by my deep-seated interest in multimodality - both in respect to the modes of media, and the modes of the human sensorium - and how each of these elements through diverse and varied combinations enables the design of powerful and immersive artefacts of engagement for all audiences.

So, although... yes, I can indeed be labeled as a music producer, a designer, an illustrator, amongst many other things, the most conclusive definition of who I am is that - I am not
what I do, I am why I do it.