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Drag King & DJ

Justin Drag, 32

I've Done My PartLeigh Davies
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I love to work …and I know that sounds ironic because a lot of people may say “…you like to work?!” haha, but I do! I found my calling this year through performing, and doing drag, and helping the community with my platform, and that sense of joy that I can bring in individuals. They may have had the toughest day, or the toughest week, or the toughest year, but if I’m able to help them feel a bit lighter in that moment or in that hour that I’m performing and take their mind off their troubles then I feel like I’ve done my part.

My goal for the past few years now has been about using my platform to make change and help people instead of just going up there and performing and then switching off and coming back home - which sometimes, yeah, I should do - but I care so much that I want people to… I want people to feel seen and people to know that they have a safe space whenever I’m performing or whenever they are around drag artists.

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