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Queer Banker

Robin Red, 32

Solidify this ChangeLeigh Davies
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Robin is not my legal name, but my chosen name. To really celebrate and solidify this change that I picked for myself, I got a picture of a robin flying out of a bird cage tattooed on my forearms. This is the biggest and most expensive tattoo that I have, but was so worth it.

It took 8 hours over 2 sittings in a brand new studio in Morriston, just as Covid restrictions were being lifted. Everything had to be extra sanitised, I had to take a test the night before and we still wore masks the whole time. I spent the whole 8 hours sharing my life story with the girl who did my tattoo and she shared so much back as well. It is a piece that I will love and cherish for the rest of my life and it will always connect me to my little corner of Wales.

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