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Director of Tasty Not Wasty CiC

Sabrina, 41

I Was Not PreparedLeigh Davies
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One of my greatest achievements in life, aside from my daughter, has been to start up Tasty not Wasty CiC. It is a ‘Community Fridge’ and is the only official one in the Torfaen area. It started without a name in Christmas of 2019 where I had been asked to collect food for a Christmas Day event I was running. I thought the store was just going to do a photo op and give a box of food so I rocked up in my blue Peugeot 107 - this was not the case and I was not prepared in any way. There were at least 7 trolleys of bread, and so many vegetables and meat items being scanned through to go, it was overwhelming. The staff tried to help the best they could and we fitted 9 trays of satsumas, fish slices, and anything they thought would be useful to the people coming on Christmas Day to take home with them. Don’t ask me how that was achieved! …but luckily my car was empty at the time. This experience changed how I saw supermarkets, so I started to research food waste and the processes these organisations take.

I became ill with COVID in March 2020, and lockdown started 2 weeks afterwards. When I was well again I started to collect the food. In August, it became apparent that it was a much needed service for the community so we set about making it official. But it was not until volunteers came on board that it blossomed into the service it is today. I am very proud of all the work that the volunteers have done and the people they have supported. There is no possible way that I could have made the service become such a vital part of the community without the dedication of all the volunteers. From feeding over 700 people at Christmas, to running art and wellbeing sessions - Tasty not Wasty CIC has become an integral part of the community as it continues to move with everyone’s needs.

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