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Lead Singer of Skindred

Benji Webbe, 56

Calling MeLeigh Davies
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Newport. Yeah. What a beautiful town …as you know I got a “helicopter”. Although, I moved to Florida once. For 5 years. …and it was very different from Newport. What I found was… you know, ‘camaraderie’? It didn’t have much of that. And of all the things to miss in Newport… was that… you know, I mean you can go to a ‘bar’ in Florida… but you can’t go to the fucking ‘pub’! Do you know what I mean?

And that was it! And as strange as it was… I lived on the beach mate! Google it! West Palm Beach, Jupiter. I lived ON the beach, but you know what, I could hear the Newport calling me. Throughout all that time of being away. I mean, when I first went there I was like “ahh fuck Newport”, but its this crazy little town where no one really cares. I think that everyone from Newport has got a bit of string on them, and you go away, and it’s like one of them dolls, you just gotta come back. And I’ve come back. And you know I love Newport. It’s my home town. It has a rich history and y’know I still think we’re making history in this town. I don’t think it’s over. A lot of people say to me “ohh but sadly TJ’s is gone” which was a great punk rock venue, but… I really believe that things go in order for new things to be created. For new scenes to be created. I love this town, and I live here because I love it. I could live anywhere in the world if I wanted to, but… here I am.

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