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Pot Pot PotLeigh Davies
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So they were being dickheads all day to be honest, just being really horrible. You know the chap who stands over there and never drinks? Well they called him “disabled Mario”. Just really really nasty. These people… they were the pool team that we played on Sunday. So… they were winning, it was me and Leanne, we were playing doubles - double matching - and we heard them laughing and joking going, “oh these are girls, we’re gunna kick their arses because they’re girls!”, and as we walked passed them and one guy went “nice arse”, and I just stared at him and went, “you’re playing right?”, and he went “yeah”. So I went round the corner and took everything out of my pockets, my phone and everything out of my bra, slapping it down on the table. Everyone was like calm down Char, I was like “I am calm. I’m calm.” and I was like, “we need to win this, we’re not going to win the whole game, but we need to win THIS, coz we gotta prove a point”.

At one point I hit a load of balls in a row, I was pot, pot, pot, pot, pot. Dunno how I did it, I think it was the energy and rage. Anyway, we ended up winning, and everyone shook hands at the end, and I shook the boy’s hand, looked straight at him, and said…

“Nice arse.”

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