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Tabletop GamesLeigh Davies
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Yeah, so I met Rodders on a night out. We argued, loudly and violently, the same point at each other. He told me about the Newport Gaming Club, which had only been going a couple of weeks at that point, and I got involved, and that’s when I met Chris. The idea had always been to make it into a business, maybe a shop, and after a few years me and Chris were having a chat, his life circumstances had changed, and I was done with working at the pub, although the pay was nice as assistant manager, I wasn’t going anywhere further with it, and the hours were getting in the way of me spending time with my wife. So when we were chatting, we said “So… should we shit or get off the pot?”

We opened in December 2020, just before going into the extended Christmas pandemic lockdown, so the timing was awful. We’re still recovering from that lack of early growth. However, the community - especially at the gaming club - have been amazing, and they’ve really kept us going. The club is in its 10th year now, and the shop continues to grow, which is now in its 3rd year.

These tabletop games are inherently social, and people need community, which is why the physical shop is so important. You can order things online, but this industry lives or dies through the community that develops around it. Being able to talk to someone about your passion and to be able to play games together is so important.

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