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Kevin, 58

And Then She VanishedLeigh Davies
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Sometimes people tell me I can’t, but I can. Kevin can do things!

When I had my first COVID jab, I went home and fell asleep in my chair. I felt a hand touch me on my arm to wake me up. Sometimes my dreams feel very real. The house I am living in now appeared in one of my dreams. I had a nightmare that it had been demolished, and on a big field near where I live was this tent on a big slope… and I could see that my mother and father were living in it. They said to me that they had to stay there and that they couldn’t come home.

I received a letter from the D.W.P. and it was upsetting what they wrote. I saw my mother out the back window and I told her that people were picking on me - and then she vanished.

Even now, I know that she is around the house watching over me.

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