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Retired Gardener

Gail Morgan, 63

GadaboutsLeigh Davies
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We both had the same job, we were both trolley stewards. He took me out and showed me the job, and I came back and thought, oh god, he’s lovely!

When I worked in the office with him, I found out that he was in a relationship. I always had a soft spot for Paul, and about 2 years later he told me he had a soft spot for me. I said “we aren’t going there… you leave, and then we’ll think about it…”. It took him to leave until we got involved with each other. We’ve been together 18 years, but he always thought I was above his station. He always put me up on a pedestal. He says he’s learned better since then! I’m more down to earth than he thought. We’ve been lucky like that in life, we have. After 14 years he left her, and then we got together, and she used to follow me around in the pubs and would try and throw drinks at me and all that. We had a load of great friends on the railway, and they used to go to the Arch - the gay club - and they said come up there instead, she won’t even know you’re up there, so we did and we had great times! We had massive circles of gay friends - we’ve been to more gay weddings than we have straight ones! All over the country!

The railway connects you with people over here, over there. We used to get invited to everyone’s Christmas do’s, don’t tell anyone else though. So yeah, we’re gadabouts we are. We know all sorts!

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