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Tobs, 27

Quarter-Life CrisisLeigh Davies
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I have always thought that happiness comes from the amount of money in a person’s bank account… I was what people would say “all work and no play”! I had no social life because I had this idea that people would wait for me so it’s fine to keep working, but I have learnt recently that’s not true. Friends and family will move on without you.

After having a quarter-life crisis and going into therapy, I realised I have achieved so much in life but I have never celebrated my wins. To me it was never good enough. I needed to do more, and I needed to achieve more. I learnt in therapy that I was running against myself. There was no clock, it was just ME. I had a picture of what happiness was, but in reality that was not what it was.

Now, happiness for me is being healthy, and seeing the people that I care about smiling because of me. Happiness comes from being certain in myself, being content with what I have, not what I should have had. Life is what you make of it, so I am going to make it full of laughter, joy, and happiness.

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