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Nick, 27

Drop of DeliriumLeigh Davies
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...well the bit I haven’t told you yet, is obviously I told you there’s 3 ‘catastrophes’ in the deck, so when you do an arcane check, if you are lying and get caught, the 6 cards your opponent has, if one of them is a catastrophe, they can replace the card you’ve played with one of the cards in their hand, the catastrophes, with the exception of the witches, are always bad, for mine, it will wound my characters. So, if I lie and get caught and you happen to have a ‘catastrophe’ as one of your 6 cards, you can go, “I’m gonna replace that with this”, and then the ‘catastrophe’ will happen instead. That also opens up a really interesting thing - if you don’t have a ‘catastrophe’, and I’ve lied. Let’s say I’ve said pink 2, but actually it’s a pink 1, and you’re only holding pink cards you can either not replace it and I’ll still do the pink 1, or you can replace it and if it’s bigger than a pink 1, you’re doing damage, so you probably won’t replace it. The point being, the card that stays on the table still takes effect. Now, usually, the arcane abilities only want one card, but there are exceptions. I’ll show you a really interesting one, that’s Belladonna, her bottom ability does something on every colour, but the ‘catastrophe’ is that both of them die. So if I go in and say Belladonna is going to do a ‘Drop of Delirium’ against your character, and I’m trying to do something else, and I lie, and you have a ‘catastrophe’, you could play the ‘catastrophe’, but Belladonna and your character will die. However if I’m targeting my own guy, to let’s say move him, and I lie, and you have a ‘catastrophe’, both my characters die…

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