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Cymeriad Galleries

Audiovisual portraits of the people of Wales

Cymeriad Vol 1 Hero Image (w_logos).jpeg

Across these levels, in these streets, along our shores, on our hills, and through our valleys - we find the characters.


Created by Welsh Sound and Music Producer - Leigh Davies - Cymeriad provides a unique glimpse into the lives of the people of Wales through an exciting series of audiovisual portraits that champions their hopes, fears, successes, failures, memories, dreams, emotions, and experiences.

Each of the stories that people have shared for Cymeriad is accompanied by a colour portrait illustration and a unique music soundtrack that was composed in response to the themes, tones, and moods that emerge from each tale.

Cymeriad is also available as an interactive hardback book and eBook which will be made available for sale very soon.

Further volumes of Cymeriad are now in development.

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