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Blueberry Bay.

A children's book that raises awareness of the increasing problem of plastic pollution in the world's oceans.

Blueberry Bay -  Inside Pages Mockup 01

Blueberry Bay is a crowdfunded children’s storybook written by Canadian author and singer-songwriter Ashley Fayth. Blueberry Bay tells the tale of Sylvia Seal and her aquatic friends as they begin to discover that their beloved home and everything that lives in it is being threatened by the sudden increase of plastic waste that is entering the oceans.

I worked as lead visual director for this project and was responsible for the book’s character designs, the creation of the featured illustrations, typesetting, print templating, and production design.


Beyond its development for the commercial children’s book market, Blueberry Bay is also a linchpin resource for Ashley’s education engagements programme. Ashley uses Blueberry Bay to promote the benefits of sustainable living amongst young audiences to catalyse a global movement towards reusability and plastic pollution prevention.

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