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The digi-punk collaging app that allows you to remix works from the Tate digital collection.

Mishmosh V1.1 website thumb.jpg

Mishmosh is a digital collaging platform for iOS that lets you remix the creative work of some of the world’s most famous artists. The app allows users to create unique digital artworks using components from over 600 artworks from the Tate collection.

Mishmosh was developed by pyka with 95 students from 5 schools in South Wales: Trellech, Llanfoist Fawr, High Street, Cadoxton, and Ysgol y Ddraig. During my time as digital artist in residence at Tate, and working in collaboration with all stakeholders, I was responsible for the project’s overall creative direction, as well as leading the visual design of the app’s user interface and core visual branding. Mishmosh was released by pyka globally on the App Store in July 2018 at the official launch event at Tate Britain in London.

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