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Control the Chaos of Creativity


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Making Sense

Cards for Creativity.

Making Sense® is a card-based toolkit that equips makers from all backgrounds with a reliable way to design and plan any creative project.

These cards add a much-needed structure to the nebulous and ever-changing workflows that are synonymous with modern creative freelancing and collaboration.

Transferable Terminology

These cards list discipline agnostic keywords and terms, each of which have their own valuable implications within different creative workflows. Use these to identify useful parameters that are relevant to many creative disciplines, which you can include in the creative formulas that will inform the assembly of the practical outputs for your project.

These cards provide you with a roster of behaviour prompts and causal conditions; functions that inform the existential purpose of any creative output. Use these cards in order to add active mechanisms and aspects of cause and effect into your creative concepts and workflow formulas, ensuring that your practical outputs do the job that they need to do.

Making Sense® is made up of 5 card categories that are designed to help you wear many hats, take stock of your surrounding creative environment, and consider all angles, allowing your creative project-in-waiting to be the best it can possibly be.

These cards are designed to help you clearly outline your role and creative resources for this project. Use them to take stock of everything that is available to you. Your materials, your equipment, your skills, your network, your beliefs - every single resource that can enable your creative quest.

These are designed to help you come face to face with the core purpose of your next project. Are you responding to a creative brief from a client, or is this a personal quest? No matter who is opening the door on this new creative opportunity these cards are designed to help you explore why you are doing it.

These cards signpost a wide variety of modalities; both sensory stimuli and media formats that may feature in the overall architecture of your wider creative project. Use these cards to help you spotlight which modalities will be vital for the design of your creative ideas and for the delivery of your work.

Mapping Modalities

Conditions & Cognitions

Auditing Resources

Achieving Your Goal

Pick a card. Any Card.

Behind the Cards.

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The Verdict

Musicians, technologists, artists, designers - people from many creative backgrounds and contexts have been using these cards. Here's what they have to say.

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Making Sense - Planning Session Hero 01.

The Workshops

Perfect for freelancer hubs, universities, or creative organisations - book one of the carefully tailored mentoring seminars, driven by the framework that sits behind Making Sense®

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The Purpose

The journey for Making Sense® began as a deeply personal voyage. You can read more about the ideas that sit behind the cards here.

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The Updates

All of the latest news from Making Sense® - including product updates, new resources, and features on projects that have been designed using the cards.

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About the Creator.

Leigh Davies is an award-winning Systems Creative based in the UK - an all-round whipper-upper of creative goodies, who delivers stories and designs experiences.

Leigh's career is predominantly centred around creative sound and music production, but his work in these fields has thrived through the maintenance of a multidisciplinary role that spans the wider creative industry.

The development of Making Sense emerged as a response to his experience working across a wide variety of creative fields, disciplines, and contexts. It embodies his aspiration to not only find a structure for the inner workings of his creative practice but to make that process accessible and relevant to other creatives from all backgrounds - in an effort to reinforce the foundations of the Systems Creative within the modern freelance gig economy.

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