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Weronika Szumelda, 29

Wind-Infused LaundryLeigh Davies
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Let’s say, it’s the end of February, beginning of March. You have a day off and you’re gonna take it easy - just stay at home, read a book, and do some laundry. Then you’re gonna air it outside because …you know the crisp morning? When it’s quite chilly, but the sky is blue and the sun still warms up your face? It’s breezy-fresh but it’s just warm enough to dry your laundry. Then, by the time you come back home from your afternoon walk, everything is completely dry. You fold it, sipping coffee, put it into your basket and bring it all back inside. Then, all of a sudden, your room is filled up with the fresh scent.

So, that’s my favourite thing - wind-infused laundry.

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