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Craig Davies, 41

Everyday is a Different DayLeigh Davies
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I’ve been in the pub game for a long old time, and everyday is a different day. You don’t know what or who will walk through the door, but that’s the part of the job I enjoy the most. Everyone that does come in, I like to take the time to engage and listen to their story. I do take an interest and I’m slightly nosey, but it’s all part of the trade. This has never been a job to me, it’s more of a lifestyle. It’s early mornings, late nights, most days of the week. It makes it more personal and engaging when the regulars come in and they see who’s behind the bar and they know what to expect. Normally a miserable tired old git that I’ve turned into…I think I’ve morphed into my dad aha! …but nevertheless I’m not ready to settle down for the quieter, easy life.

I have my moments when I’m on form and everyone loves the banter they get. I’m also quick witted with the one liners, respectfully putting people in line if needed. I like to think I’m a firm but fair publican. I welcome all walks of life through my door and give everyone a chance - it’s up to them how they use it - most are respectful and mix in well, and everyone has a place.

To come up to Newport to run a sporty orientated proper old school boozer - you know, being a Cardiff lad, and gay - … I thought I may not have been accepted, mainly the ‘being from Cardiff’ ahaha! …as we have a bit of rivalry in the sporting world, but I have not had or felt any awkwardness or signs of being unwanted. I have an amazing regular base here and The Red Lion has gone from strength to strength.

…and long may it reign!

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