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Naseem Syed, 42

Radical KindnessLeigh Davies
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Crafting is a form of escapism and it takes me back to my childhood memories. I fondly remember the days of making pom poms with my aunty Mimo. The pom poms reminded me of a wish, like dandelion seeds. There is so much beauty to be found in embracing the warmth of human connection. My movement, ‘Radical Kindness’, is rooted in nature and humanity. It is brought to life by creativity, craftivism, and acts of kindness and gratitude. People glisten through radical acts of kindness, together they shine brighter, like the sun glistening on the sea, a warm cwtch, and cup of tea.

I have been called the collector of auras and joy through all the unique pom poms I’ve created and the messages I’ve captured and passed on. Every person I meet is extraordinary and has something special about them, although they rarely see it themselves. I hope to bring light and celebrate each person through the stories shared and kind acts passed on. A pom pom becomes a passing embrace; a story; a flower; a thought; a dream. It holds inside it a powerful symbol, connecting together a memory and a moment in time.

I dedicate my movement, ‘Radical Kindness’, to my beautiful cousin Annabel - known as ‘Granny Annie’ through our love of craft and tea - who radiated so much warmth and kindness. She was a creative, kind soul, and an amazing fine artist. She sadly lost her battle with cancer recently at 26 years old. I miss her deeply. Her smile lit up the room. She, too, created hundreds of pom poms for others, each so unique just like her. Annie’s courage, humour, and creativity has inspired me to keep going and to continue to spread kindness. Never underestimate the impact you can have on someone. Annie’s warmth I will forever carry with me and shine onto others.

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