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Tomato Fancier

Nkiru, 41

1174 GramsLeigh Davies
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My proudest moment has to be the time I grew a tomato that weighed over a kilo - 1174 grams to be precise. I hand-pollinated the mega bloom, spoke lovingly to it while it grew, and checked on it multiple times a day. When I picked it I took it straight round to show my neighbour, much to the bemusement of his wife. I like to think that he was impressed, as I’d been gleaning traditional Italian gardening tips from him over the fence for years and really it was as much about impressing him as it was about the tomato’s size.

Sadly my lovely neighbour is no longer with us. I’ve given up on growing giant tomatoes, but what I do grow every year is a tiny cherry tomato from seeds originally saved from some particularly sweet tomatoes that he had passed to me over the fence, along with a suggestion on how to improve my basil.

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